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Fluid Systems & Controls, Inc.
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Primary Fluid Systems Inc.
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Standard Pump Inc.
Rodi Systems Inc.
JL Wingert Co.
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Mission Statement

The mission of Fluid Systems & Controls, Inc. is to service our customers changing needs as a Master Stocking Distributor, Manufacturer’s Representative and / or System Supplier of  products that control, distribute, and / or   improve the characteristics of hard to handle, precious, or expensive fluids in process or water related applications within the Southeastern United States, primarily Florida, and the Caribbean.

Strategy Statement

FSC recognizes a unique opportunity for an organization devoted specifically to the movement and control of hard to handle, precious, or expensive fluids in the state of Florida. It is FSC’s objective to take advantage of the opportunity by fulfilling its mission as a distributor of products and services to resellers and end users, adding value in the form of expertise in problem-solving by the management team.