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pH, ORP, and Conductivity Electrodes, Cables and Tees for Water Treatment Applications


pH Sensors

pH electrodes have been our core business for over 30 years. Our flat surface self-cleaning industrial electrodes have changed the way the industry measures pH. Our S8000 line offers plug-and-play solutions for many installations and applications. Our plastic lab pH electrodes outsell the traditional glass body worldwide. A wide selection of pH accessories is also available.


ORP Sensors

Sensorex ORP electrodes, also known as REDOX electrodes, feature premium grade platinum as the noble metal of choice. It is available in our flat surface configuration as well as several other general purpose configurations. ORP buffers and other accessories for your ORP measuring needs are available.

Conductivity Sensor

Conductivity Sensors

Our growing line of conductivity sensors and resistivity sensors are available with graphite contacting surfaces, platinum, 316 stainless steel, and titanium. High-temperature and high-pressure boiler probes, as well as sanitary flange models, are also available. Inductive non-contacting Toroidal sensors are available in durable Noryl bodies.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Sensorex dissolved oxygen sensors (also known as DO sensors) feature highly reliable galvanic technology. Our 12mm DO sensors can be used with portable, laboratory, and on-line galvanic instrumentation. Our Aquaculture and Wastewater DO sensors are designed for long term deployment. They are also available with optional 4-20mA outputs. Sensorex also offers 4-20mA DO Transmitters


Sanitizer Sensors

Sensorex’s new CLD500 series for chlorine dioxide and FCL400 series for free chlorine probes offer amperometric real time measurement of chlorine dioxide or free chlorine. These sensors feature automatic temperature compensation and a directly isolated 4-20mA output. Perfect for new installations or as a replacement for other manufacturers’ sensors. It is currently available in several different measurement ranges.


Sensor Customization

In addition to the products listed, customization is available to tailor our electrochemical sensors for specific applications or packaging requirements. To find out if we can make a sensor for your unique application or package please contact us. For additional details please review our OEM Analytical Sensor Capabilities.