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Water Treatment Monitoring & Controls

Custom Systems

RODI Systems can provide complete chemical feed systems including pumps, controls, instrumentation, sensors, mixers, and day tanks, all installed in a convenient skid-mounted package. Our systems are built for your application and are designed to operate per your specifications

Controllers and Instruments

We offer a complete line of high quality instruments and dedicated controllers for specific applications.

Desalination Systems

RODI’s high quality seawater desalination systems offer low cost of ownership along with dependable operation. Our containerized PureBox systems are shipped as complete, functioning systems and require a minimum of installation time and site preparation.

Silt Density Index Monitors

The RODI Systems EZ SDIâ„¢ automatically and consistently monitors the silt density index of RO feed water. Operators can quickly and regularly check the effectiveness of the RO pretreatment system without bothering with labor-intensive manual tests

Waste Treatment

RODI’s membrane-based treatment systems are excellent solutions for a number of waste treatment applications. Our containerized MBR systems are a good choice for any high BOD waste especially those applications that have space limitations.

Portable Water Treatment

The RODI TMX trailer-mounted water purification systems are designed to provide water in situations where safe drinking water is otherwise unavailable. It is capable of producing potable water from water sources such as rivers, lakes, or contaminated public drinking water supplies.