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FSC Packaged Systems

Metering Pump Turnkey Skid Systems and Polyethylene Tanks to 2,400 Gallons and Secondary Containment Systems
FSC Series Multi-Jet Cold Water Meters FSC Series water meters use the widely accepted multi-jet principle, as a gear train drives the register totalizer dials. For pulse output meters, a reed switch sensor is attached to the outside of the lens and detects a magnet arm that has replaced one of the dial pointers. The reed switch output is a dry contact closure and does not require power.

Pulse Output Reed switch sensors respond to a magnet that rotates on the face of the meter under the lens. The sensor turns on and off once each time with the magnet passes under it. Sensors are designed for electronic control loads, and should not be used to switch power loads or line voltages. See maximum current and voltage ratings, under specifications.

Inlet Strainer Clean the strainer yearly, or as required, depending on water condition. Pull out the strainer or back-flush the meter to loosen trapped particulates. Calibration New meters are factory-tested to meet AWWA C-708 Multi-Jet Meter accuracy specification. Changing Pulse Rates The pulse rate is determined by the dial on which the magnet pointer is located. To move the magnet pointer, remove meter top and lens, taking care not to lost the sealing.