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Pulsation Dampeners Surge Suppressors Inlet Stabilizers Accumulators Diaphragm Seals & Valves Leak Containment


Dampeners & Suppressors

BLACOH’s SENTRY Pulsation Dampeners & Surge Suppressors remove virtually all hydraulic shock, enhancing all-around performance and reliability of fluid flow in industrial and chemical transfer applications.


Inlet Stabilizers

The patented “J” Model Inlet Stabilizer works to minimize these pressure fluctuations and acceleration head losses by preventing fluid column separation at the pump’s inlet. This improved flow to the pump’s inlet effectively extends the service life of all inlet system components.


Leak Containment

The fully pneumatic SPILLSTOP system safely captures leaked product and automatically shuts down failed pumps to eliminate costly product loss and prevent hazardous spills. Optional warning alarm and backup pump switchover further minimize system downtime for maximum productivity.


Diaphragm Seals & Valves

SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals protect and isolate all forms of system instrumentation from hazardous and corrosive process fluids. SENTINEL Pressure Relief Valves protect pumping systems from over pressure damage caused by defective equipment or a blockage in the pump system line. SENTINEL Back Pressure Valves enhance the performance of pumping systems by applying a continuous back pressure to the system pump while also acting as an anti-syphon valve.



Accumulators are storage vessels that hold fluid under pressure and are commonly used in fluid power systems to store fluid as energy to be released on demand. When used in hydraulic circuits and machinery, they are sometimes referred to as hydraulic accumulators or hydropneumatic accumulators. Accumulators are also used to eliminate pulsations for a smooth fluid flow and protect systems from hydraulic shock. The most popular design has an internal bladder that acts as a separator between the stored fluid and a compressed gas charge.