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Accent Control Systems
Accent Controls Provides quality pumps, instrumentation, and control solutions to the water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial process markets. The warehouse is stocked with ready-to-ship, real time inventory.

Hand-held Water Quality Meters

Myron L pH and TDS Meters

Myron L PH/ORP Accessories

Myron L DS Meters

Myron L pDS Meters

Myron L TechPro Meters

Myron L Ultrameter

Chemical Feed – Metering Pumps

LMI Pumps

Blue-White Peristaltic Pumps

ACS Chemical Tanks

LMI Tanks

LMI Tank Accessories


pH and ORP

Signet pH/ORP Instrumentation

Signet Dryloc pH/ORP Sensors

Signet ORP Electrodes

Signet pH/ORP Accessories

Signet pH Electrodes & Preamps

Signet pH/ORP Transmitters

Valves and Actuators

Asco Valves

George Fischer Valves

Regulating Valves

Burkert Valves

Griffco Valve

Flow Meters

 SeaMetrics Flow Meters

Signet Flow Meters

Blue-White Flow Meters

Batch Control Systems

Flowline ThermoFlo Flow Switches

Tanks and Containment

Ultratech Facility Protection

Utratech Accessories

Ultratech Drum & Tanks

Ultratech Storage

Ultratech Spill Containment

Level Controls

Flowline Level Transmitters

Flowline Level Monitors

Flowline Level Switches

Flowline Accessories

Boiler and Cooling Towers

LMI Conductivity Controllers

SeaMetrics Timers

Corrosion Coupon Racks

Chlorine DO Turbidity

Blue I Chlorine Products





Conductivity and Resistivity

Myron L Conductivity Control

Signet Conductivity

Centrifugal and Drum Transfer Pumps

Sethco Pumps

Standard Drum Pumps

Multi-Parameter Control

Signet 8900

Controller & Accessories

Temperature and Pressure

Signet Pressure Sensors & Transmitters