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About FSC

Mission Statement

TheĀ  mission of Fluid Systems & Controls, Inc. is to service its customers changing needs as a Master Stocking Distributor, Manufacturer’s Representative and / or System Supplier of products that control, distribute, and / or improve the characteristics of hard to handle, precious, or expensive fluids in process or water related applications within the Southeastern United States, primarily Florida, and the Caribbean. In support of this mission, we are committed to:

  • Promote and support sub-distribution and the resale customer base to meet end user customer service requirements.
  • To support the end user customer base with product service, application assistance, and cutting-edge technology.
  • Be recognized as a supplier of quality products and services and to continually charge our manufacturers with this obligation to our collective customers.
  • To continually seek out new technologies and services with which to support our customers growth requirements.
  • To provide an environment that encourages innovative, non-traditional approaches to growth and success.

Strategy Statement

FSC recognizes a unique opportunity for an organization devoted specifically to the movement and control of hard to handle, precious, or expensive fluids in the state of Florida. It is FSC’s objective to take advantage of the opportunity by fulfilling its mission as a distributor of products and services to resellers and end users, adding value in the form of expertise in problem-solving by the management team.

The Company

  • Florida office/warehouse locations in North Port, FL
  • Founded in July 1994
  • Over 85 years of experience in the pumps & controls business
  • Function as a Master Distributor, Manufacturer’s Representative, and System Supplier

Jim Riley – Managing Director